What are some prenatal tests for phenylketonuria (pku)?

New born testing. All new borns are tested for pku. There is no danger to the fetus, as long as mother does not have pku. Pre-natal testing is not indicated as treatment of the newborn prevents illeffects of pku.

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Are there some prenatal tests for phenylketonuria (pku), or just the newborn screening test?

Prenatal Dx of PKU. Phenylketonuria, pku is the result of the deficiency of the enzyme phenylalanine hydoxylase which converts phenylalanine to tyrosine. There is a prenatal test available to detect this enzyme deficiency. However there are rare forms of pku that result from cofactor deficiency or other enzymes that are involved in the conversion of phenylalanie to tyrosine. Pku is not a fatal genetic defect. Read more...