I just took my temperature and its 94.7 I just bought the thermometer today and its 94.7 orally Is this really low I feel cold and clammy to the touch?

Sepsis, anemia. a multiple factors need to be looked at first. . . What is your age Older pts., can have an infection in blood called sepsis that can present with those symptoms, that could have started as asymptomatic UTI. For a younger female pt. that can be due to heavy menstrual bleeding leading to severe anemia. It can be a sign of non functioning thyroid gland and or non functioning pituitary gland sepsi.
It is low. Normal body temp is between 96-98 Degrees F. 94.7 is low & with symptoms of Chills, headaches, this is concerning for an infectious process. Other aspects to consider are low Red Blood cell counts causing anemia-would be rather severe to cause your findings, but could happen. A simple blood test would check for that. And also Hypothyroid=low thyroid function, could lead to this too. Please see Doc.