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What kind of vacuum cleaner should I get for a dust mite allergy?

A maid. The best thing is to let someone else do the vacuuming. Hepa-filter vacuums help some, but they still stir up the dust around them because of the exhausted air coming out of the vaccum. At least see if you can trade chores with another in the household, and stay out of the room where the vacuum is running!

I'm sneezing every morning, after I woke up from bed. I researched in internet. I came to know I might have some dust mite allergy. .

What's the question? Are you asking treatment advice? Mite-proof encasing on box spring, pillows, mattress is the current recommendation to reduce mite droppings (which are the real allergens) exposure but a recent report questions its effectiveness.

Would being around barn animals effect a dust mite allergy?

No. Usually dust mites are associated with fabric surfaces feeding on human dander. This would not occur in barns or on animals.
Dust mites. It might make it worse. Most times a dust mite allergy is worse in the home environment and other factors come into play around farm animals. Dust mites like human skin.