How long after a 1st trimester abortion can I have breast augmentation?

Probably 4-6 months. I would recommend waiting a minimum of 3 months and many would advise 6 months to allow your metabolism to return to baseline.
3-6 months. It is best to wait at least 3-6 months after the abortion before undergoing breast implant surgery. This will allow your body time to return to "baseline" and all of the hormones to go back to pre-pregnancy levels. If you do this too soon, it may impact the final outcome. Consequently, you may be unhappy with the implant size or style you selected.
3 months. One can have the augmentation immediately, but it will be safer to wait 2 to 3 months.
Few months. You probably want to wait a few months. I would recommend that you have your blood counts checked to make sure that you are not anemic. Http://www. Dassmd. Com/breast-augmentation/index. Html.
A Few Months. Best to wait until you are physically and emotionally back to your "baseline”. Seek consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons for good/ethical advice. Best wishes.
3 months. Although it is generally safe to undergo elective surgery right away, it will take a few months for your female hormones to reach your usual baseline. This can have minimal effects on all your female organs. Unless there is a reason to rush the surgery, it is probably more prudent to wait a few months.

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When after a 1st trimester abortion can you have a breast augmentation?

Usually 3 months. This is a blanket statement and each situation must be viewed in the context of how far into the first trimester and the degree of breast enlargement experienced as well as your metabolism, weight, and overall health.
Varies. Best to wait until you have reached a physical, emotional, and psychosocially stable state before proceeding with elective breast surgery. Depending on the specifics of a patient's situation, this may vary from one to 2 months to longer. Best wishes.
No concensus. An abortion is a procedure that can potentially introduce bacteria into the bloodstream. I routinely wait 2 months to place implants to minimize any potential contamination as well as to allow the breasts to return to normal as they did begin to change in your first trimester. There is not one good answer... Talk to your plastic surgeon and see what s/he recommends.
Breast augmentation. You should wait a minimum of one comp, tee menstrual cycle after the termination.
Weeks, if okay. Depends on your recovery from the recent procedure for a few weeks and also on whether you are planning on getting pregnant again soon or not. If not then you can see your pcp first and then make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your local area.