Used to self-harm but haven't in years. Have bipolar, ptsd, social phobia, ocd, bdd. Why do drs think I have bpd? Because of cutting/burning I used to do?

BPD. Just want to clarify you mean borderline personality disorder. The diagnosis is based on specific criteria that would be exhibited. One of those is self-harm. The diagnosis by a mental health professional is not based on just one sign or symptom. I would think there were other things that were observed or reported that would lend to that diagnosis.
Self harm. is likely a tip off. Do you feel angry often? Intense, chaotic interpersonal relationships? Feel empty? Marked shifts in mood? Frantic efforts to avoid being abandoned by those who are important to you? Love/ Hate relationships? self destructive behaviors like drinking, drugging, promiscuity etc? Ever suicidal?

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