My son is 2 months old and is breast fed. How many hours can he go without a feed? If he is sleeping should I wake him up to feed?

Depends. It depends upon several factors- 6-10 week old infants usually experience a growth spurt- they may feed more frequently to help you increase your milk supply. This is a time when some mothers return to work- you may note a drop in milk production. Also some mothers start use of hormonal contraception that may impact milk supply. Your infants # of stools may decrease at this time. Continued =>.
Depends. I have many that get 6-8 hours at night & feed every 2.5hrs during the day. Unless your kid is an underweight premi, i don't wake them unless i need to get them up to start the day. Teaching a kid to wake up feeding is one pattern that seems to help them rest better at night. If they are not eating as they fall asleep they don't need it in the middle of the night if they wake briefly.