Pain under right ribs that has moved to under breast bone and through to center of back under shoulder blades. Pain increases when abdomen pressed?

Gallbladder-ER now! These are classic signs of gallstones or an inflammed gallbladder, also seen in stomach ulcers and pancreatic disease. Go directly to the ER.
Worrisome. These symptoms are worrisome for gall bladder disease.You need to see someone ASAP.

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I had a sharp pain behind my breast bone, then it moved to my right chest. Now the pain is my right shoulder blade. I'm a 51 year old male.

Chest pain. Chest pain could be due to a number of possibilities - some concerning, others more benign. What you're describing could be a sign of heart disease, but may also be referred pain from your gallbladder. I highly recommend you see a doctor ASAP to evaluate this further. If accompanied by trouble breathing, sweating, or the pain worsens, go to ER. Read more...