I am constipated and I havent pooped in a month. I could stay a week without pooping and I dont even know why. What can I do to stop this contipation?

See Gastroenterologi. Need complete GI workup and colonoscopy. In the mean time drink plenty of water and try Miralax (polyethylene glycol) if you are not bloated or having abdominal cramps.
Constipation. If you don't even have an urge to move your bowels, you need more fiber in your diet as well as adequate fluid intake. You could try a gentle stimulant like senokot (senna) daily but avoid harsh laxatives. See a gastroenterologist for evaluation and treatment as needed. If you have the urge and can't go, using glycerin rectal suppository or dulcolax rectal suppository May help. Gentle fleets enema also.