I am about to undergo radiation therapy after a prostatectomy. What side effects, if any, can I expect?

Bladder and bowel. We use radiation therapy following prostatectomy for several reasons. But the side effects are the same. Irritation of the lower urinary tract with frequency and urgency are common as well as some potential discomfort with urination. Also there may be some change in bowel movements that can usually be controlled with diet. Fatigue is common but can be combatted with some regular exercise.
At consent for. Treatment, these should be listed and discussed. I wait until continece is achieved before starting, usually 3 mos post op (+ margin, capsule penetration). If psa is rising, caution about urinary continence, freq, urgency, nocturia, fatigue during xrt, bleeding from rectum is a late effect. Risks <5-10%. Dose & # of treatments, volume all issues. If nodes are treated, diarrhea is posible. No n&v.
Mild and transient. For the large majority of men, modern postoperative radiation for prostate cancer is well-tolerated. Men may experience irritative urinary symptoms (frequency, burning) and loose stools. Fatigue may be present particularly after the first few weeks. Many men experience few if any symptoms. In most patients, these symptoms resolve after cessation of therapy. Seek out a center with modern equipment.
Fatigue, LUTS, ED. While undergoing the radiation you will have some fatigue, maybe some urinating irritation and bother with erections. Most go away when treatment over. For more info @thepeedoc www. Peedoc.