3yr old swallowed sharp plastic shaped in a "t" about 1" x 1.25".Ped said wait till pass. Any danger symptoms to look for? If doesn't pass, tx options?

Probably will pass. Even odd shaped things swallowed will usually pass. The most important thing is that it did not get stuck in the bak of the throat, but he would be coufging or gagging. Plastic won't usually show up on xray but it is important to make sure it passes in his stool. Rarely things can get stuck in the bowel wall, but unlikely. I have seen open safety pins pass, so look in the stool.
WHAT!? Get a second opinion asap. If this sharp plastic thing gets stuck anywhere.. It could cause erosion of the esophagus/stomach or intestine... Worse, your child could aspirate this and it becomes a foreign body in the airway. I just checked for peds hospitals in your area.. I would be seen at kosair children's... I'm sure there are other options as well.