Can high blood pressure cause extreme fatigue and some chest pains?

Go to ER. The blood pressure does not cause this but its possible your pressure is up due to underlying cardiovascular disease. This can cause fatigue and chest pain as well. In this case you should see a doctor right away. Go to an urgent care or ER as soon as possible. This could be early signs of a heart attack.

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I am experiencing chest pain on deep breaths, sleepiness, feeling anxious (worsened by: psychological stress), fatigue, high blood pressure (hypertension) and confusion (better by: with fluids, rest) (worsened by: dehydration (fluid loss)). The followi

Sounds complicated. You have many symptoms & perhaps pre-existing conditions which we have to investigate to see if they are manifesting in new ways. We're limited to 400 characters in this forum, so consider using HealthTap Prime to discuss with a live doctor. There are no easy answers, but possibly bronchitis (lung infection), heart problems, mental health, or vascular disease could be at play. Good to seek help. Read more...
Anxiety. Your symptoms are compatible with depression/anxiety. Talk to your doctor about your conditions. Psychologic counseling can be very helpful. Meditation may also help reduce anxiety.
In the meanwhile, no caffeine .