How is retinal detachment treated?

Variety of ways. Depending upon the location and extent of the break the following techniques may be employed: laser, gas injection, encircling retinal buckle, vitrectomy, cryo freezing of the tear. Your retinal surgeon will determine the best method.
Reposition Retina. Repairing a retinal detachment involves use of specialized techniques to either remove scar tissue causing a tractional elevation of retina or to close a hole and drain subretinal fluid. The later is the more common occurrence. Retinal surgeons frequently use in-office procedures such as laser w/ gas bubble injection or operative surgery with vitrectomy to reattach the retina.
Surgical procedure. Retinal detachments can be fixed primarily in one of two ways: 1) push the retina back to the eye wall, or 2) push the eye wall towards the retina. The first involves putting a gas bubble and doi into the eye. Sometimes this can be done in the office, but sometimes this needs to be done in the operating room. The second involves putting a band around the eye - this is done in the or.