Hello, Are heart flutters during very strenuous exercise dangerous? I've been checked out by a cardio but no stress test before. Thx

Perhaps... Feeling your heart beat fast during exercise is normal, but the term "flutters" would imply some abnormality. A stress echocardiogram will help clear up what's going on with your heart during exercise, and could be helpful if you're embarking on an intensive exercise program.
Heart flutters. Possibly. This requires monitoring, Keep a diary. Perhaps a Holter monitor will be valuable. A stress test may help, too, although you are young. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks.

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Am young. Have heart flutters. Waiting for echo, Holter, stress test results. Am afraid tests turn very abnormal. Do young have normal flutters?

Yes. Fluttering sensations in the chest are caused by skipped heart beats or rapid heartbeats. Young people with no heart disease can often experience palpitations. Sometimes they are brought on by anxiety, fatigue, caffeine and cough and cold medicines. Beta blockers are sometimes prescribed if the palpitations are annoying or very frequent. Go to http:// bit.ly/1vlj5 . Read more...

My breath catches and heart flutters at times esp when I take a deep breath. Ekg stress test normal. Echo showed "normal" murmer. What could it be?

24 hr holter monitor. There is no normal murmur to my knowledge at the age of 32 yrs , unless you are pregnant. Also it might be panic disorder , but i would do 24 hr holter monitor , thyroid tests if i were your physician to rule out other causes. You should see a physician for your symptoms. Read more...