What are the symptoms of a sprained elbow my symptoms are my arm is very painful to bend and unbend at the elbow?

Have it evaluated. Your symptoms may be due to fracture, sprains, arthritis, muscle, nerve or tendon injuries. Have the area evaluated so that you may get the appropriate care.
Could be. Could be a sprain, but could also be joint effusion (fluid in joint), an occult fracture, i would recommend trying ice, rest and if you can take an NSAID (advil) that might help. See your family doctor if not getting better quickly.

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What are the symptoms of a sprained elbow? 4 yr old jumped from sofa to bed - appx 3 ft - arm was under torso when child landed. Child complained that elbow hurt. It is now swollen and it hurts to try to bend it. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt when child is s

A . A swollen elbow in the context of pain and decreased range of motion warrants evaluation from a medical professional, especially in a young child. Given the age, i would be worried about a possible dislocation or fracture. Unfortunately, it is the weekend, so you should take your child to either an urgent care that deals with children or an emergency department. I would recommend they get an xray. Good luck. Read more...
Agree . Agree with dr. Rothmeir. Elbow injuries and especially in kids can range from the readily diagnosed and treated to difficult to evaluate and tricky to treat. So get evaluated soon if you haven't already. Good luck. Read more...