Missed 3 birth control pills in a row, got heavy period now spotting for the past 2 weeks, is this normal?

No. This is a direct result of not following the instructions of how to take the pill. Not only to are taking a chance of getting pregnant, abut also, "messing up" your hormones. You should consider using a barrier method.

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Missed birth control pills and now spotting for a week, should I stop the pack and let the cycle start over?

Breakthrough bleed. You can take your pills twice daily for 5 to 10 days to see if the bleeding stops, skip the placebo pills and start the new pack right away. Treat the new pack as you would normally. Also contact your doctor so they are aware. Good luck! Read more...

My gf missed 2 birth control pills. Has been spotting for almost 2 weeks. Shes due for her period tuesday. On pill for about 4yrs. High chance preg?

Not necessarily. Missing 2 pills is like taking two placebo pills where the body thinks it's time to start your period. Doctors sometimes recommend to take the pills missed on the next day, when one day is missed. So spotting might suggest an attempt to start her period. Nevertheless get the pregnancy test done, and make sure. Read more...