Can low blood count during pregnancy cause miscarriage?

Miscarriage. Hi, what line of blood cells are we talking about? White blood cells, Red blood cells, Platelet? Please clarify and ask the question. Also provide the reason for low blood cell count because what causing the low blood cell count could be relevant to the question.
If severe pre-term. Labor is a risk, yes. Many women develop mild to moderate anemia during pregnancy. Most of the time t leads to fatigue and increased heart rate, more shortness of breath with exertion. As term approaches though, anemia can be dangerous. Three vitamins and nutrients that are needed if you are anemic. First, iron supplements and prenatal vitamins, Folate (folic acid) 2 milligrams and B12. You should discuss w/OB.
Less likely. Most pregnant women develop low blood count due to excessive dilution of blood by fluid which is why prenatal vitamins with iron are recommended during pregnancy.

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