What % of men get heart attacks using lupron (leuprolide) therapy?

There is an answer.. Not sure but the risks for each are more or less the same. The incidence of prostate cancer is high in heart disease patients and the incidence of heart disease is high in prostate cancer patients. In my belief, based on oriental medicine, dairy products are the main cause of cancer of the prostate (esp ice cream). Dairy products are the most potent fat raising cholesterol (major heart risk).
Uncertain. Early evidence suggested a link between androgen deprivation therapy (adt) and heart disease in men receiving it. This has been questioned recently (nguyen, jama dec 2011) in an analysis of over 4000 men where the cardiovascular death rate was the same (about 11%) between large groups of men who did/did not receive adt. Research and debate will certainly continue. Heart disease is very common.