My 2 year old has fever that comes and goes. The feverlasts for an hour. During that time, she just wants to sleep. After that, she acts normal with no vomit etc. What can bethe cause? Can it be anything serious?

None well studied. I don't know of any "natural anti-fungals" to combat valley fever. If you have a good immune system and it's not disseminated valley fever, then most people heal up well on their own. The things you can do to get better quicker are: don't drink alcohol or smoke, get plenty of rest, lower your stress levels (lots of positive thoughts), and have close follow up with your doctor. Best of luck.
Shouldn't. I assume you're referring to alcohol... But no, drinking shouldn't cause a fever. It can caused you to get flushed, which may feel like a fever. Take your temp after the alcohol is out of your system the next day, and see if the fever is still there.
See doc nonurgently. Chances are your daughter's fighting off some bug. Any runny nose, cough? Those are signs of a viral upper respiratory infection. It doesn't have to be an urgent, but if your daughter is still spiking these temperatures over the next 2-3 days (and make sure you measure them with a thermometer), they should see the doctor.
Viral infection? It's tempting to think that your toddler is probably dealing with a viral infection, if your info is correct. However, if other symptoms appear making her lethargic, with or without fever, restlessness, irritability, failure to eat or drink, vomiting, etc, other bacterial causes would have to be ruled out. Those symptoms will effect a visit to her pediatrician.