Would a skin biopsy for lupus still come up positive, even without a malar rash?

It can. There are many types of rash that can be seen in lupus. While the mal;ar or butterfly rash is the most common there are other lesions including the discoid rash of lupus. Many other rashes are also described as being seen in lupus. Even normal appearing skin can be positive for lupus using special stains and techniques.

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Can you do a skin biopsy for lupus with no rash and it be positive for lupus?

Possible. Would require getting a location that has the characteristics of lupus on examination. Not sure of the odds, but it would be possible.
Yes. There is a condition called discoid lupus where patients have scarring, especially on their scalp. There is also a condition called subacute cutaneous lupus. Also, biopsy reports can be "consistent with" lupus but sometimes findings are non-specific. Ideally you should see a rheumatologist to sort this out.

My lupus flares are Skin manifestation only (malar rash)plus fatigue. But ESR n CRP keeps coming Normal including ANA. On plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine). Was dx not correct?

Lupus. Lups is a very difficult diagnosis to make correctly, since there are many diagnostic criteria, and test results are not 100% accurate for this condition. However, as the malar rash and fatigue are your only symptoms, I would at least get a second opinion from a board-certified rheumatologist, perhaps who specializes in Lupus. Since it's a chronic condition, you want to be sure you have it right.
Maybe, maybe not... You may have a type of lupus called subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus (SCLE)which can often be a milder form of systemic lupus (SLE) and can be seen with normal inflammatory markers (ESR).Can also be Sjogren's. However, half of people with SCLE also meet criteria for full blown SLE. SCLE patients can have more serious organ involvement than just skin that should be checked for. See rheumatologist.

I have symptoms of behcets and lupus. Neg ana, but positive lupus skin biopsy. Could I still have lupus?

Yes. A small number of people have ANA negative lupus. See this site for more info. Http://lupus. About. Com/od/typesoflupus/p/lupananeg. Htm.
Unlikely. Technically yes, but practically no, at least not the systemic form. I cannot remember the last time I saw ANA negative systemic lupus but anything is possible.

Does cutaneous lupus always present with positive ANA? What other tests besides skin biopsy can tell?

See below. There is no single test for lupus. A person can have lupus without ANA. The following website provides information about diagnostic criteria for lupus. May I add that there experts for such disease at UPMC in Pittsburgh. Http://forums. Webmd. Com/3/lupus-exchange/resource/26.

All blood tests for lupus neg. 4 times- just have clinical symptoms for a year, including malar rash-could still be lupus? Lyme test was + 1 year ago..

Varies. The diagnosis varies. You could have rosacea, dermatomyositis, and some other things. Who is working you up? I would suggest you go and see a dermatologist, they are familiar with malar rash and the differential it caries.
Unlikely. Negative autoantibodies make lupus unlikely but not impossible. You can always get a 2nd opinion. If the rash is present elsewhere besides the face have a dermatologist biopsy it and send it for evaluation including a lupus band test.

If ANA is positive 1:320 pattern is nucleolar n malar rash BUT was on MINOCYCLINE 4months isn't falsepositive or induced lupus is Homogeneous pattern?

ANA explanation. Usually drug induced lupus or drug induced ANA patterns are antihistones and are homogeneous. Nucleolar patterns of ANA (antinuclear antibodies) are associated with Progressive Systemic Sclerosis. By itself an antinuclear antibody test that is positive is not a diagnosis.

Early on in the course of Lupus could all blood results be negative/normal? Still ill and getting blatant malar rash despite neg results

Very unlikely. Have the rash biopsied and then you will know. Discoid lupus often has a negative ANA but with systemic lupus a negative ANA is very rare.