Baby got first two teeth @6mos. Now 9 1/2 mos no more teeth....I thought by now there would have been more, any idea how long between getting teeth?

Very soon. If there are no more teeth coming into the mouth by your child's first birthday, you may need to see a pedodontist (a children's specialist in dentistry) but chances are pretty darn good that something should appear within the next two and a half months.
Don't worry. The second set are commonly not until close to 12 months but all the times for eruption are all just averages. Some are early and some are late. I would not worry too much. I do rec that you take your child to the dentist by age 1 which is the pediatric recommendation. It helps educate, find probs early and get the child positive experiences so later work will be better accepted.
Varies. It may take up to 18 months of age for the first teeth to erupt. There are multiple printed time tables for teething, which you can google. However, the teeth will emerge when they emerge.