I have a whitehead just inside my right nostril. I suspect it's a zit over a nose hair follicle. I've l googled and I'm scared popping it will kill me?

Pimple. I am not aware of any deaths caused by popping pimples in your nose. The internet is full of bad medical advice. We typically suggest you don't squeeze pimples because of the trauma and scarring that can occur. However, realising how painful these can be, do what you need to do. I trust San Rafael is wonderful used to live there as a youth.
Leave it alone. I recommend just leaving it alone. If it is a zit it will resolve on it's own without the need to pop it.
Don't " pop " Although in all likelihood this would not kill you there are better options. There can be staph in the nasal flora along with other bacteria that you would not like to become fulminant. With a small infection in the nose, use a warm-hot moist towel and soak as often as possible. After, put a small amount of antibiotic ointment on the lesion. This should clear very quickly. Problems, consult doctor.