Frequent urination, urge to urinate only in urethra. Not UTI/STD. At its worst it was a constant pressure pain in urethra. What is wrong? 2mnths duration.

Possibly a UTI. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is not an STD. It is an infection of your urethra and urinary tract with bacteria. It can cause symptoms of pressure in your lower pelvis, burning on urinartion, and milky white discharge in the urine. the best option is to go see a doctor and get a urinalysis to evaluate for nitrites and leukocytes. Make sure you catch urine midstream ("clean catch") for the test.
Here are some ... Clinically, you seem getting overactive bladder (OAB) or IC or chronic pelvic painful disorder (CPPD). After ruling out UTI & incomplete emptying, the option & sequence of Rx are about the same ranging from undeerstanding / accepting the facts of getting it, consuming less or no bladder irritants such as coffee, caffeine-related beverages, spicy foods, using drugs to suppress urgency, ... Ask Doc.

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6week duration. Urge to urinate/frequent urination/painful bladder/pressure&pain in urethra. Urine/STD tests neg. Responded to Meds, but returned. Why?

Irritable bladder. The symptoms you describe suggest irritation of the lower urinary tract ( bladder, urethra). This maybe due to infection, inflammation or pressure from something pressing on the area. Your doctor will want to rule out infection, pregnancy and growths that could put pressure on the bladder. If these have been ruled out, interstitial cystitis is possible. Your doctor can help sort this out. Read more...