How do I reduce my stress?

Relax and enjoy. Your stress triggers fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system activation, resulting in increased heart rate, bp, and nervous feeling. You need to take a break, kick back and relax, and do what you enjoy. Breathe deeply and slowly. Tense all your tight muscles and then release. This way you activate your calming parasympathetic nervous system, which drops your heart rate and bp.
Many ways. We are constantly flooded with stressors. I would recommend any or all of the following: exercise regularly, meditate, surround yourself with positive people, prioritize, take "me time", eat a well balanced diet with natural antioxidants, teach others to solve their own problems, and learn to say "no" - just a few.
Learn to relax. Learn some relaxation techniques when u are feeling less anxious and use them when the anxiety increases. Remind yourself that the anxiety will subside. Take a class in stress management, learn hypnosis or take yoga. Use it when the need arises. Consider seeing a therapist to help you learn relaxation techniques and other ways 2 reduce anxiety.

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How do I reduce my stress & aniexty bout my health I get lots of headaches & pressure n my head/pains all brain test normal why do I still worry so mu?

Biofeedback. Relieving anxiety through biofeedback has been shown to be beneficial. If the anxiety is extreme, follow-up with a specialist would be recommended.
Stress. I would recommend engaging in regular exercise and daily breathing and relaxation exercises.
U R Really Suffering. Living in a state of perpetual doubt takes its toll. And your primitive brain regions, in an effort to protect you from harm, are sounding a steady stream of false alarms. But those same primitive brain regions are very convincing as they are so freaked out. The higher thinking areas of your brain sound exhausted by this. Suggest learning about ocd - how it works. See: http://bit. Ly/15ggecx.