30% of pregnant women bleed during the first trimester. How many of those women who bleed will have healthy pregnancy?

Myths. I don't know where you got that statistic, but it is not true or correct or there is a different definition of what the word 'bleeding' means. Viable pregnancy stops vaginal bleeding. Any bleeding in pregnancy should be considered abnormal. And a reason to be in good contact with your OB.

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Any women get their flu shot in 1st trimester and had a healthy pregnancy?

Yes. Past experience with the killed (regular injected) flu vaccine has been good. No specific pattern of problems influencing the fetus is known. Although considered safe during any stage of pregnancy, most recommend waiting until >14wks when he period of organ formation is completed out of caution. Influenza is a devastating illness to some in pregnancy, we lost 2 moms here 2 years ago (babies ok). Read more...

Is trazadone safe for first trimester of pregnancy, I am 8 weeks and a couple days. Young with healthy pregnancy. I have miscarried in the past?

CategoryC. Trazadone is category c drug as assigned by fda.Which means animal studies have revealed fetal resorption in ratsand increase in congenital anomalies in rabbits.At doses of 15 to 50 times the normal human dose.There are no contrl studies in human pregnancy. It should only be given in pregnancy if benefits overweigh the risks discuss with your doctors if benefits outweigh the risk. Here you have it. Read more...