Dr I have severe pain & burning sensation while urinating. Feels to urinate frequently. Also have pain in lower abdomen back sides and leg joints. Help?

Urinary tract infect. You have urinary tract infection & need antibiotics.If you are not allergic,take bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) DS 1 tablet twice daily for 7 days.In India you can get it in the pharmacy. need to take plenty of fluids.coconut water is very good.If your symptoms do not disappear,see a doctor.
UTI. It sounds like you have acute cystitis(urinary infection).Go to a clinic or a doctor and your urine will get checked and an appropriate antibiotic will be prescibed.Hope you feel better soon.

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Constant mild pain in my lower abdomen area for 2 weeks, today I experienced a burning sensation when urinating. Any idea what I might be facing?

Bladder infection. You may have a urinary tract infection. These are common and often present with burning in the urine. You probably need a urinalysis and antibiotics. Read more...
Cystitis. Burning on urination or pain on urination can be caused by an infection in the bladder. The lower abdominal pain you are experiencing could be a symptom cystitis as well. See a physician and have a urinalysis. Read more...