Sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes. This only seems to happen on sunny days. I've always had this r0b, at least with sneezing/congestion. How to fix?

Sun Sneeze? Sneezing when entering sunlight may be sun sneezing, also called the photic sneeze reflex. The sneezing happens when the person enters into a much brighter light, which doesn't always have to be sunlight. A visit to the ear-nose-throat doctor and the eye doctor may help figure out the diagnosis. Of course, one could also have allergies, and just coincidentally be sneezing on sunny days.
Very interesting. The bright sunlight will cause your pupils to constrict via stimulation of your parasympathetic nervous system (pns) pns stimulation can also lead to sneezing, runny nose and a myriad of other symptoms. Reduce pns tone by avoiding sugars, be careful eating fruit and juice, because potassium is a potent pns stimulator. You may benefit from calcium, tyrosine and other agents that stimulate sns.
Antihistamine. It would be useful to try a 2nd generation antihistamine such as zyrtec or allegra, (fexofenadine) and possibly an inhaled steroid. If you still have problems, seeing an allergist/immunologist would probably be your next step.
Allergy? Suspect allergy as cause consider Loratadine ten mg daily available otc.
Allergies. It seems like you are having allergy symptoms. Are you exposed to pets at home. Are you exposed to house dust, feathers, new carpets etc. You need allergy medications which are over the counter but you may see an allergist to find out what you are allergic to. I am not sure whether you have hay fever?
Allergy. Try otc Claritin (loratadine) 10 mg in am for 10 days when expecting. If symptoms improve. You have allergies and may need to see allergy specialist.

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I have never had an issue with allergies, but at 23 I am having symptoms: congestion, itchy eyes, sneezing. It has lasted 2-3 weeks. Will it go away?

Think environment. Recently moved? New pet? New roommate? Recently married? New job? Do a complete inventory. What has changed? Go back at least one year. For example: you might have moved 10 months ago, but only recently began being exposed to a pollen you to which you are allergic. Read more...
Probably. This certainly sounds like an allergic reaction to something and unless you are continuing to be exposed, it should improve. Are there new things in your enviroment: pets, furniture, job, etc. Have you recently relocated to the area? If it is due to the unusually high pollen levels it should improve as the weather (and pollens) change. Read more...