How can I get my infant to sleep through the night?

Good sleep routine. This is possible for almost all little ones, but is more than can be described in 400 characters. Consistency, a regular sleep routine, keeping the home quiet and dark at night, and helping them learn to self-settle are essential. Talk with your pediatrician about the details, but know that it is possible - once you are ready! (the secondary gain from "comforting" your baby at night is powerful.).
Good sleep routine. 1st understand that no-one sleeps continuously thru the night at any age. All, including babies, drift thru sleep stages that include periods of aleartness. Most don't recall waking because you quickly settle back. Babies can aleart & return to sleep in the night if they have learned to self settle. If the settling routein requires rocking, pacifier or other external agent, baby will get up & cry.
Sleep consolidation. Through self-regulation occurs between 1-4 mos. If there has been a consistent bedtime & bedtime routine (rocking, reading, feeding, wiping out baby's mouth with a soft cloth after the last feed) & baby is put in his own bed in his own room, drowsy, but awake. Allow him 5 min. To self-calm if he awakens. At 6 mos. Old, your going in & making eye contact will create a " trained night crier.".