Foci of aneurysmatic dilation of the dital descending aorta?

What size? Typically they do nothing other than control blood pressure---and cholesterol risks----if you smoke--stop it is a definate risk for you aneursym They consider operating on anerursyms that are >5cm in size or any that are actively dissecting.
Aneurysms. can burst and cause death. The risk of bursting depends upon how big it is. 3cm or less is not very big. 7 cm is very dangerous. would need more info to give more.
Aneurysm. Aorta is the large blood vessel in the body, arising out of the heart and divides at different levels to send blood to rest of the body. If part of the vessel wall gets weaker it kind of balloons out called aneurysm at various levels. If one such thing was found, needs to be monitored. Treatment is decided by the size of the aneurysm. Consider consultation with vascular surgeon.