I sprained my ankle 2 days ago and last night had a pain that was a horrible burning on the side of my foot. What would cause this?

Many things. Inversion ankle sprain can cause damages to the anterior talofibular ligament, calcaneofibular ligament, and posterior talofibular ligament, as well as fracture and dislocation in the ankle mortise joint, which can lead to pain in the surrounding structure. Burning sensation this may be due to injury to the surrounding nerve and ligamentous structures. Exam by a physician as recommended.
Nerve inflammation. After spraining your ankle you may have some localized swelling which can affect the nerves around your ankle and cause burning. If you are able to walk and move around I suggest you ice your ankle for twenty minutes hourly while you can and take ibuprofen/aleve/motrin for your discomfort. If any change of bone injury, get looked at. Best of luck!

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