My son constantly sneezes and blows his nose. He has environmental allergies and cat allergy but he is only on Claritin (loratadine) 24 10 mg. He weighs 143 lbs.?

A couple of choices. You could change his antihistamine to zyrtec/cetirizine - instead of Claritin - as some people respond differently to each type. Addition of singulair (montelukast) by your physician is also worth considering. Depending on his age, inhaled nasal steroids may be of value, but are not typically used in children.
More options. A good first step is to have an allergist identify the specific allergies so avoidance measures can be taken. I presume there is no cat at home. The most effective treatment for allergic rhinitis is steroid nasal sprays. Some are approved to age 2 years old. They are safe. Singulair (montelukast) works about as well as an antihistamine. If medications are not controlling things, allergy shots are the best.

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Why does my cat allergy make me cough? Along with the sneezing and runny nose, I cough. Is loratadine effective for this? WHAT is the best treatment?

Simple... The cat skin,hair cells enters your body by your nasal passage.that is why sneezing and cough( body trying to expel it ), runny nose because of your immune cells reacting with the cat antigen causing swelling and inflammation and oozing of fluid. Nasonex (mometasone) nasal spray will help better. The best way is to keep the cat outside the house,after that ventilate the house well, use Nasonex (mometasone),loratadine prn. Read more...

I'm having allergies at night with an itchy runny nose, sneezing and congestion. Loratadine isn't working, what else could I try?

Allergies. The source of your allergies may be in your bedroom. You may be sensitive to the materials your sheets are made of, detergent you wash them in, your pillow, or even carpets and curtains. Use a hypoallergenic pillow, mild detergent, and wash or remove carpets and curtains. Avoid pets in the bedroom as you may be allergic to their dander. If no luck, get allergy testing to determine the source. Read more...