Terminal hematuria but dipstick & lab results normal. How do I know blood is in urine and not coming from vagina? Thanks.

Hematuria. Hi, you might want to ask ur doctor about three-tube test. Three consecutive samples of the urine stream are collected—the first few milliliters, midstream, and the last few milliliters in 3 different tubes which can determine the cause of hematuria, also if you are worried about vaginal bleeding a pelvic exam can help determining the cause. Good luck.
Here are some ... Terminal hematuria is useful to clinically differentiate the site of bleeding in male urinary tract and considered as from prostate urethra. But how it may be related with females is unclear and has not been discussed. Nonetheless, careful urine collection will help besides reviewing the detailoed history, conducting proper inspection and palpation of lower urogenital tract. So, see Doc timely.

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Why would a person, have a trace of blood in urine? And a fould mell in coming from vagina?

Possible infection. Both of the symptoms you describe may be signs of an infection. It is best that you see your primary care physician who can evaluate you to confirm if there is either a urinary tract infection or a vaginal infection. Blood in the urine can have other causes as well - e.g., kidney stones, trauma, etc. It is best to have this checked out sooner than later. Be well and Good luck! Read more...

Had blood in urine. A month later I passed an empty sac from vagina about a quarter size with white tissue. What can this be?

Likely miscarriage. If you are sexually active then you most likely was pregnant and had a miscarriage. The blood in your urine was most likely blood from your vagina that contaminate your urine. The sac and white tissue appears to be pregnancy tissue (products of conception). It appears your miscarriage is complete and no surgical intervention (D&C) may be necessary. You may follow up with your doctor. Read more...

I'm just finished a 10 day course of Flagyll for BV. Discharge is gone but I have a lot of soreness in vagina, blood in urine and pain during sex, help?

UTI as well or STI. With your symptoms, I would be worried about urinary tract or bladder infection as well as possible sexual transmitted infection. Best to see your doctor again for reevaluation. Best of luck with this. Read more...