I am prescribed lortab 7.5/500 mg for rheumatoid arthritis, I recently found out im about 7 weeks pregnant, is it still ok to take the lortab?

Speak with Your OB. To determine what is safe for you to use while you are pregnant.
Class C. Loretab is a narcotic pain medication. It is class c for pregnancy. This means "animal studies show adverse fetal effects(s) but no human studies or no animal or human studies; weigh possible fetal risk vs. Maternal benefit. You need to discuss with your OB and rheumatologist to see if there are other possibilities for you or to have you continue using this.
Why lortab? I never prescribe narcotics for my RA patients, since if you control inflammation and take nsaids you should not need a narcotic. Ok for the baby, but not good for you!