Can eye doc see if I have cataracts? I went for a checkup a month ago cause my vision seemed yellow toned and white toned but he couldn't see anythin

Cataract exam. Yes, an EyeMD can see if you have cataracts by using a microscope. MD will also check to see if your tear film, macula, & optic nerve look normal to see cause of vision change. More info:eyedoc2020 blogspot com and
Yes. An ophthalmologist conducting an appropriate eye exam can see cataracts. It's unlikely for someone at your young age to have cataracts. Consider further evaluation.
Yes. Most good optometrists and ophthalmologist are well able to identify cataracts. I am not sure what is causing your visual changes but I would assume that a qualified I've professional would easily be able to identify if a cataract was the cost. I wish you the best of luck.