I asked the question before if rytuxin was a chemotherapy drug. 50% of the doctors said no and the other 50% said yes. So what is the true answer?

Chemo. Chemotherapy can have 2 meanings- 1st- is treatment given to kill cancer. 2nd. Many of us use chemotherapy as a term for cytotoxic chemotherapy/regular chemo. Nowadays, in addition to regular cytotoxic chemo, we also have many biological tx/antibody/targeted tx/smart pill etc. Those new therapy are not cytotoxic chemo. Rituxan (rituximab) is an atibody against cd 20-is a targeted tx-not cytotoxic chemotherapy.
The answer is. That it is not chemotherapy. It is anti-cancer therapy. Chemo kills indiscriminately, causing toxicity to a variety of organs, this agent is directed to a specific target, the cd-20 receptor. To quote/parapharase a the famous "few good men" line, you have been given the truth, but you can't handle (understand) it. Why do you need the distinction?