Is mouth throat and tounge numbness and roof of mouth numbness a symptoms of anxiety? Or something more serious happens before I have panic attack

Relax. If these symptoms always precede your panic attacks, they seem to be strongly correlated with the episodes. If they are random you should consult a doctor. In the meantime try to use any relaxation techniques in order to alleviate your anxiety symptoms (such as breathing techniques, music therapy, aromatherapy, yoga).

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Is it normal for my throat and mouth and roof of mouth to go numb? Nd tounge I've noticed it happens before I have a panic attack. Anxiety or what?

Anxiety. It is not normal,however panic and anxiety can manifest in many different ways,medicine for this will not work,but should seek help for your panic /anxiety.there help,with meds and seeing a psychiatrist,to get to the root of your problem. Read more...