How well do the whooping cough vaccine work?

Very well. The vaccinated child is 27x less likely to develop whooping cough after exposure than those without. The protection is time related, months for infants & years for school age & adults; however, bacterial vaccines are never totally preventive in the face of heavy exposure. Death is most common <4-6m infants & essentially unheard of among the vaccinated.Boosters in adults protect infants.

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Is that good to have reaction like fever after getting the whooping cough vaccine? I got no reaction but my friends does. Good to have reaction?

Common . About 10 percent of patients will get fever with whooping cough vaccine. It is neither good nor bad, in terms of how well the vaccine will work! You will both have the same protection! . Read more...

How effectively do the whooping cough vaccines work?

Well but: Studies show: newer vaccine works well but fades over time. 1) kids who get pertussis 89% < likely to have had all 5 series dtap. Get the series 2) but the newer vaccine does not stay protective as long and must be boosted for certain: w/in the 1st years of series immunity 95%. By age 8-10 years it is 70%. In calif in 2010: 3% cases in 4 year olds. 31% cases were in 10 year olds. Stay boosted. Read more...