Do all girls with turner syndrome have neck webbing?

No. Physical findings in females with turner syndrome may vary, so not all females necessarily have webbing of the neck.
No. The physical appearance of someone with Turner syndrome is quite variable. In fact, the diagnosis can be overlooked until middle childhood when the kid is short enough to require attention, or when a girl doesn't have menses at the expected age. I believe Hedi, the short boss on NCIS LA is the best known example of TS.
No. Though a common association with ts, some girls are less affected by ts and may not present with neck webbing.

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Can have Turner Syndrome if normal height? I'm 5'7, web neck, low hairline, onset puberty late, minimal (breasts). Whole life I felt something was off!

Yes you can. Yes you definitely can! Please see your physician for a referral to a geneticist for evaluation and testing! We can get you started in a Prime Visit if you don't have a doctor you regularly see. Best of luck! Let's get some answers!
Or something else. There are other causes of neck webbing that occur in people with normal chromosomes, as does variations in pubertal onset and eventual breast size. You should avoid trying to self diagnose and seek out someone with the training and experience to help you. Medical geneticists are usually affiliated with medical schools or children's hospitals. Find one and set up an appointment.

With turner syndrome, is fusing bones in the neck common?

No. Fused bones of the neck (cervical vertebra) are not common in patients with turner syndrome.

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is "webbing of the neck" in turner's syndrome?

Webbing of neck. The "webbing of the neck" is just used as a description of one of the physical appearance in Turner's syndrome. It is the appearance of a wider than normal extension of the neck at the based of the shoulder, making it look more like a triangle from behind. It doesn't have any consequences, it is only the appearance in this syndrome.