What is the essential thrombocythemia?

ET. It is a condition under myeloproliferative neoplasme umbrella where- for unclear reason- bone marrow produce too much platelet that can go beyond a million. They are sticky and abnormal platelets that can cause blood clots or bleeding. Myeloproliferative neoplasm can transform into acute leukemia. The risk of et to develop acute leukemia is about 5%. Discuss further with your hematologist.

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What exactly is essential thrombocythemia?

ET. Et is one of the myeloproliferative neoplasms. It causes overproduction of platelets and a susceptibility to clotting and, occasionally, bleeding problems. Whether one needs treatment depends on the patient's age, previous disease-related complications, and underlying cardiovascular status. Several good support groups can be found on the internet.

What are the treatment for essential thrombocythemia?

ET treatment. A drug called hydroxy-urea will be the treatment to reduce platelet levels. Then on the high risk group, Aspirin will be needed too. Discuss in detail with your hematologist.

What does myeloproliferative disorder with essential thrombocythemia mean?

Too many platelets. The myeloproliferative neoplasms (mpns) involve terminal myeloid cell expansion in the peripheral blood, resulting in various combinations of erythrocytosis (rbc's), leukocytosis (wbc's), thrombocytosis (platelets), bone marrow hypercellularity/fibrosis, and splenomegaly (enlarged spleen). Essential thrombocythemia is a diagnosis of exclusion, made when other forms of mpn are ruled out.

I have essential thrombocythemia. Is this a life long disease?

Yes. Treatment of essential thrombocythemia depends on your risk of blood-clotting or bleeding episodes. If you're younger than 60, have had no signs or symptoms, and have no other risk factors for developing blood clots, such as smoking, you may simply need periodic medical checkups.

Is there a connection betwen essential thrombocythemia and leukemia?

3-4% Leukemic risk. Essential thrombocythemia is a hyperproliferative disorder involving mainly the platelets with patients having high platelet counts of over 600, 000/ul without any apparent reason (like iron deficiency or presence of other malignancies). It can cause either bleeding or blood clots. Since the problem involves a "stem cell" in the bone marrow there is a chance of developing an acute leukemia in 3-4%.
Yes-5% risk. Essential thrombocythemia is part of myeloprolifeartive neoplasm umbrealla where in et the bone marrow for some uknown reason-proliferate too much platelet- that can go up above a million. They are abnormal and sticky platelet. Due to the abnormal level and function of platelet, there would be risk for blood clots as well as bleeding. The risk of et to develop into acute leukemia is about 5 %.

I have essential thrombocythemia and I am taking anagralide. Is this right?

Drugs. Yes, Hydroxyurea and Anagrelide are widely used to treat essential thrombocythemia. There are pros and cons with those two medications. Follow up and discuss in detail with your doctor.