What are the symptoms of getting a viral hepatitis?

Varies. Ranges from none to fatigue, joint aches, rash, nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain, weight loss, bleeding/bruising, altered mental status, yellow eyes, skin, dark urine, itching, distaste for meat, proteins, tobacco, etc. Signs on exam can include jaundice, enlarged, tender liver, skin changes, abdominal fluid, altered neurological findings, abnormal lab tests, etc.
Jaundice, abd pain. Depends on the virus and if it is acute or chronic infection. Common symptoms of acute hepatitis include a yellow color to the skin (jaundice) or eyes (icterus), abdominal pain, nausea, clay colored stools (acholic stools) and tea colored urine. Many people have no symptoms with hepatitis a. People with chronic infection may also be without symptoms. Talk to your provider about your symptoms.

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Who should get viral hepatitis vaccines?

Everyone. The hepatitis a and b vaccines are very good vaccines, in that they are very safe and provide good protection against a couple of serious liver diseases. Everyone should get the vaccines as soon as they are eligible, which is at birth for hepb vaccine and at about 18 months for hepa vaccine.
Those at risk. See cdc website or advisory committee for immunization practices (acip). Too many specifics to cover here. For hep b which is the most common viral hep, risk groups are those on hemodialysis, high risk sexual behavior, those with chronic liver disease, those with diabetes, household contacts of pt's with hep b, those with chronic liver disease, healthcare workers, and neonates of hep b mothers.

Can you get a vaccination for viral hepatitis. After you're diagnosed with it?

Wouldn't help. Vaccinations must be given weeks prior to disease exposure to provide time for blocking antibodies to be formed @ prevent a disease. After you have the disease, your body's immune system is already making antibodies to the disease @ the vaccine is too late to provide any benefit. Vaccinations do not work like an antibiotic shot.
Not for the 1 u got. If you have hepatitis a and are susceptible to b, you can be immunized. If you have b, you can be vaccinated for a if susceptible. If you have c, you can get vaccines for a and b, if susceptible.