Symptoms of sprained wrist compared to some sort of forearm fracture?

Symptoms. See where it is the most tender. If over bone could be fracture of tha distal radius or ulna. If over the wrist joint specifically more likely a sprain but wrist bone can fracture. Get an x-ray to be sure.
Similar but dift. The symptoms of a sprain vs fracture involve a combination of pain, swelling and some motion limitation. The best way to differentiate the two would be history of trauma, xray and orhopedic exam obviously the appropriate treatment will be quite different based on the actual diagnosis.

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Is a sprained wrist more likely to fracture?

Yes. A sprain is a stretching or tearing of ligaments — the tough bands of fibrous tissue that connect one bone to another in your joints. The most common location for a sprain is in your ankle. The wrist will be weaken by the sprain and will be more likely to break.

Wrist sprain or fracture? What are sympotoms?

Pain and swelling. After a fall type of injury you can injure your wrist. A fracture is a break in one of the eight small wrist bones. The thumb sided scaphoid is the most common to fracture and the most common to not heal. Any suspicion requires immobilization. A sprain is a stretch to a complete tear of the stabilizing ligaments. To miss this injury can lead to arthritis. All sprain need acute immobilization.

How do I know if it is a wrist sprain or fracture?

X-ray. Both cause pain and limited mobility, x-ray will tell us if you have fracture or not.

How to tell difference between wrist sprain and fracture?

X-ry and follow up. If patient have fracture on the x-ray that is very clear, if have unclear fracture when you see him in about 2 weeks you see the fracture. Of course we apply splint on him in the meanwhile.
Exam and imaging. Wrist fractures may seen on standard x-rays and additional studies such as bone scan or MRI may be helpful sprains may be postivie finding in that here is no fracture but bones may be out of linel. A careful history and exam is also very important as you correctly implied it can be confusing so seek out so called experts such as a hand surgeon or orthopedic surgeon who specializes in han.

How to determine the difference between a wrist fracture and a wrist sprain?

Swelling. There is usually more swelling and defomity and pain with fracture. If pain/discomfort increases rather than getting better over time, have it checked for a fracture.
Sprain or fracture. Quite simply a sprain involves a ligament injury and a fracture involves a bone with a crack or some other defect x-rays tell us a lot as well as exam so I'm sprains are worse than some fractures and some fractures are much worse than some sprains. Whatever one has a fracture or sprain the proper treatment can make a huge difference in getting back to your activities.

What is the difference between a sprained wrist and a fractured wrist?

Sprains. There are muscle strains and ligament sprains. Very commonly a twisted ankle, for instance, will stretch the ligamants that keep the bones bundled tightly together - causing a sprain. If the twist is severe enough, of course it could fracture a bone. Sprains may take longer to heal than strains or even fractures, because there is poor blood supply to ligaments. Again, best treatment is splinting.
Sprain. A sprain involves tearing of the wrist ligaments whereas a fracture also includes a breaking of the wrist bones.

I have a small radial head fracture and sprained wrist. Saw the Dr and he didn't put a cast on or anything. Should I get a second opinion?

Stiff. Small radial head fractures can be treated with a sling and early mobilization. You are at a high risk of stiffness developing. That stated a second opinion may set your mind to ease.