I missed 2 birth control pills back to back right before ovulation and had unprotected sex and got sperm in. Chances of pregnancy?

Significant chances. Between the timing in your cycle and the missed pills, there is certainly a chance of pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test, at home or in your local medical facility. A urine test typically can be positive after a week (since the unprotected sex) and a blood pregnancy test can be positive after 3 days. It would be wise to abstain from sex until you know your pregnancy status for sure.

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Been on b/c since 6/14 If I missed some birth control pills but caught up with the pills by doubling up and had unprotected sex. Can I be prego?

Unprot sex = prg cha. Any time u have unprotected sex, u have a chance of becoming pregnant. Birth control pills (BCP) lower the risk, but there have been cases of "failure" of BCPs. The fact that u missed a few doses probably slightly increases your chances. You did the right thing in "making up" the missed doses, but when u take BCP erratically, it is less effective. If you want to knw, take a home pregnancy test. Read more...

I missed 3 birth control pills (Portia) during the first week of new pack and had unprotected sex. Should I be worried or just continue taking pills?

Both. Continue taking your pills as prescribed AND use a "backup" form of contraception the rest of this cycle. If no period at the end of this cycle, run a pregnancy test. Usually the risk of pregnancy is low at the beginning of the cycle for pregnancy, but not zero. Read more...