Do medicaid pay half of a tummy tuck?

No. Tummy tuck surgery is not covered by any type of "insurance” plan; It is not considered a “medically necessary” procedure. On the other hand, a panniculectomy, which involves removal of lower abdominal wall skin/adipose tissue, may be a covered procedure, depending on the specific insurance plan and symptomatology. Best wishes.
Depends. Ask them directly ... I know with a large Bmi they cover weight loss surgery in California. As part of that surgery some doctors will do a tummy tuck.
Tummy tuck . Will be considered cosmetic hence most state medicaid will not pay for it.
Not Likely. Medicaid and Medicare will sometimes pay for skin removal in the abdominal area (known as a panniculectomy) only if there is a history of skin irritation and infections. To my knowledge, a Tummy Tuck (with muscle repair) is never considered medically necessary by either of those organizations.