What is the maximum dose of Fentanyl (patches) for chronic pain users?

I've. Used 200mcg for a severe patient but with all meds they need to be effective. Talk to your doctor to get on the proper combination for max relief.
100 microgram/hr. Fentanyl is a very potent narcotic medication. The maximum dose is 100 microgram/hr transdermal patch which needs to be changed every 72 hours. You should be followed by a pain specialist closely if you require such amount of medication. The patch should not be tampered with (e.g. cutting it). Use of fentanyl with/without other pain medications can lead to respiratory compromise & death.
No maximum dose . Fentanyl patches must be gradually titrated & monitored for maximum effectiveness while exercising vigilance and caution regarding side effects. .
Not a simple answer. If you want the truth- it isn't clear. Chronic pain users develop a great tolerance for some of the side affects of opiods and no tolerance for some other side affects no matter how long or how much they have used them. Opiods must be very carefully managed by a physician who specializes in chronic pain, and other 'adjunct' medications added depending on the pathology of the pain.