I have all the symptoms of periodontitis, but myhygienist says nothing is wrong? Should I still get myself checked?

Diagnosis. There are symptoms, and signs. Symptoms are what you the patient experience and signs of disease are what the doctor observes. In a situation like this, the hygienist may not be recognizing the signs. We recommend you contact a board certified periodontist and request a comprehensive periodontal evaluation. Periodontitis is best treated early.
Smoke and Fire. Where there is smoke their is often fire. If you dont believe the hygienist, tell the doctor and then get a copy of your probings and exam and get a second opinion. Its also possible the hygienist is right. You need to be convinced of your actual condition to be truely healthy. Ask for more information on why she sais you dont have periodontal disease and don't settle for a simple yes.
- Please see a bard certified periodontist in your neighborhood for the correct diagnosis and treatment of your problem.
Specific symptoms? There are varying stages of periodontal disease with different treatment strategies. Even in different offices the recommendation for treatment for different types or stages of periodontal disease may vary. You may want to ask your hygienist about the symptoms you are having and if you feel you are not getting the right answers, you can also ask your dentist.