Symptoms of penile cancer include what kind of penis changes?

Ulcer, nodule. Penile cancers often occur at the junction of the glans and body. Symptoms may be thickening of the skin, uleration, bleeding, nodule formation and color chage.

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Please let me know if there is such thing as penile cancer, cancer in the penis or that area?

Yes. The most common form of penile cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma. It is often associated with hpv (human papilloma virus), which can be sexually transfitted.

Could a lump on the skin of my penis be penile cancer?

Unlikely. Penile cancer doesn't usually present as a lump -- but I strongly encourage you to have it checked out by a physician. It's impossible to evaluate a lesion like that over the internet.
Penis Lump. Not likely at your age. Most small bumps and lumps are due to genital warts, Fordyce papules, and a myriad of other benign lesions. If the lesion doesn't heal, it is best to consult your urologist.
Rare. I would think of infectious causes before I would think of cancer. Alert your friendly primary care physician about your new symptoms.

Burning penis is symtom of penile cancer?

Possibly, not likely. See your primary care doctor with this complaint which may be due (most commonly) to irritation from overuse, infection, urinary infection stones, herpes, penile cancer may present with complaints similar to this but is rare.
How about urethritis. Burning from the urethra (the tube that conducts urine ; semen to the outside world) usually signifies inflammation ("urethritis") as is typically seen with sexually transmitted disease, urinary tract infection, or instrumentation. Penile cancer is low on the list of possibilities, but see your doctor about getting appropriate diagnosis ; treatment asap or you risk at least urethral stenosis.
No, it is not. Unless you see a new growth, there is no reason to be thinking about cancer. It is probably a temporary symptom. If you watch it for sometime, it is likely to go away on its own. I doubt that you have anything serious going on here.

What produces penile cancer how long till the penis has to be amputated?

Poor hygiene. Poor penile hygiene, especially in an uncircumcised male. Amputation is required if the cancer invades the underlying tissues.
Combination. A combination of poor hygiene (often not the man's fault if the foreskin is tight) and infection with a cancer-producing strain of hpv. Now that the hpv vaccine is offered to teenaged boys, we will hopefully see even less of this dread tumor. In the meantime, any wart or red spot that doesn't go away needs to be looked at to save this important body part!

Is it safe to apply lotion to my penis long term? It always gets dry. I just wanna know if long term use won't give penile cancer or something.

No worries. Use bland emollient creams. They won't cause cancer. PS cancer of the penis due to any cause is pretty uncommon. Recognize that some of those creams may cause deterioration of condoms and could cause unexpected breakage.

Small, flat, painless freckle like spots on the tip of my penis. Not sure how long I have had them. Penile cancer? I am circumcised.

Unlikely. Periodically examine the freckle. Y If the freckle/mole doubles in size, becomes irregular in size, shape or color, bleeds, ulcerates or develops a nodule, see a doctor. For good health - Have a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products, nuts, beans, legumes, lentils and small amounts of lean meats. Avoid saturated fats. Exercise at least 150 minutes/week and increase the intensity of exercise gradually. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, weed or street drugs in any form. Drink enough water daily so that your urine is mostly colorless. Practice safe sex.
Highly unlikely. Freckles can occur on the penis, and just like any freckle, they are benign. A freckle is simply an area of pigmentation or accumulation of the pigment melanin. It might be called penile melanosis or a pigmented nevus/mole of the penis. Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation can develop after minor trauma/infection/irritation. Dermatologist can tell for sure; cancer quite unlikely. Stay well:)
Freckles. You're entitled to have freckles there, even if the sun seldom shines on it. More than a few guys do. Show your physician on your next office visit to be sure.

I went tanning about 8 months ago and have had a rash on penis since, is it possible to get penile cancer from tanning 1 time?

NO. Don't worry you will not get penile cancer, so many other factors involved to get one, age (not at 25), personal hygiene, not cleaning fore skin, exposure to carcinogens like chimney sweeping etc, uncommon in western world, you rash may some allergic reaction from detergents, under wear go and see your doctor and keep you mind at ease.
Unlikely. Sounds like a local reaction to something you've been exposed to.

If you have hpv on penis, and if you keep your general penile hygiene good with no smegma, do you get penile cancer still? Scared!

Rare but happens. The risk depends on the strain. The wart strains appear to have no potential to trigger penile cancer. Next, you have ample opportunity should the process begin to seek out treatment before it transitions to a cancer. Just pay attention to the penis & examine it on a regular basis. If any odd sores or skin changes occur, have it evaluated.
Maybe. Most guys have a few strains of HPV there. The key is to keep an eye on yourself, and report anything that looks worrisome to your physician right away. Most troublesome are little red or warty patches around the back edge of your glans. If you're circumcised and hygienic, it's a huge plus. Early recognition is the key. Best wishes.