I have a lump on my left rib cage about 2-3 inches under my breast, it hurts sometimes and have found a few more on both sides. Bean sized and smaller?

Subcutaneous nodules. Please seek medical attention and have them checked out by a doctor. Could be a minor issue like lipomas, cysts, fibromas or more serious lesions like infection, systemic conditions like arthritis condition, neurofibromas and metastases( very unlikely given your age)
Lipomas vs cysts?? It is hard to tell without an exam. Many people have small to even very large subcutaneous nodules. Lipomas are fatty growths, cysts are clogged pores, sweat glands, hair follicles and can become infected. These are the two most likely possibilities. See you doctor. A surgeon and even some primary doctors may be able to remove them in the office under local if small.