Symptoms of Lyme disease easy to see?

Easy to see but... The symptoms of lyme are very easy to see but it may be hard to recognize these as lyme. Classic symptom of bullseye rash only seen in half or less, then flu-like symptoms, then migrating joint pains (often 1st in knees), fatigue, poor memory/concentration, can't find right word, blurred vision. Can cause virtually any symptom, often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS etc.

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What are the symptoms of Lyme disease for a child?

Please see below. Early symptoms of lyme disease can include rash, flulike illness characterized by fever, chills, achy muscles or joints, headache, and malaise. In the area of the tick bite, lymph nodes can be enlarged and tender. Later, facial paralysis, meningitis, arthritis, and/or arrhythmias may develop. Read more...

Can symptoms of Lyme disease not show up for months?

Yes. People react to infections in different ways. Most who are infected with lyme will have vague non-specific symptoms initially like headache and achiness that may be mild and not noticed as a sign of illness, but then have more pronounced symptoms that appear months or years later. Read more...