What are your symptoms if you get leprosy?

Depends on type. Leprosy sx's depend on the severity of illness. Sx's may include: Thick, dry skin or growths on skin. Numbness of areas of skin that may be hypopigmented. Pain can be severe. Nose may be congested with nosebleeds. Voice can become hoarse. Incisor teeth may fall out.Light sensitivity, glaucoma & blindness. Ulcerations of legs, ankles & feet. Testicles atrophy w/ gynecomastia in males & v fertility.
Two major types. Lepromatous type has thickened skin and nerves and progressive loss of skin and tissue from the coldest part of the body, e.G, hands feet, nose etc. Tuberculoid type affects nerves and causes loss of sensation, pigment changes and ulcers.