What are refractive errors?

Focusing. Refractive errors are intrinsic poor focus of the eyes. It may mean your eyeball is too long or short or the lens or cornea are of inappropriate power. In most cases, glasses or contact lenses can correct the refractive error fully.
Vision correction. Refractive error means the image is not focused on the retina. Thus the eye needs something external like corrective lenses to cancel the poorly focused rays.
Astigmatism. 3 naturally occurring refractive errors. Myopia (nearsightedness) from an eye that is too long. Hyperopia (farsightedness) from an eye that is too short. Astigmatism, when the cornea on the front of the eye is steeply curved in one direction, like a football. This causes two points of focus in the eye.
Long or short eye. Refractive error means that light is not focused on the retina, but in front or behind it. Although it can be caused by a steep or flat cornea, it is typically caused by an eye that is too long or too short for the focusing power of the eye. It can usually be corrected with glasses or contacts.

Related Questions

How do I find out what my refractive error is?

Ophthalmologist. If you need to find this out to get glasses, you will need a prescription from your ophthalmologist. If you already own a pair of glasses an optical shop can tell you the numbers. The reading takes specialized instrumentation and you cannot find this out from things found in the non-optical environment.

What harm do refractive errors cause?

Blurred vision. Refractive errors cause bluuring of vision and most cases can be treated with either glasses or contact lenses.
No permanent harm. Refractive errors simply blur your vision, but do no permanent harm to your eye.

What is a refractive error?

Eyeglass needs. A refractive error is the technical term for the need for eyeglass correction in all of its forms -myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia. Your ophthalmologist can determine your needs and supply the best eyeglass for correction.

How do I find out what refractive error is?

Ref error. Let your eye doctor measure you with an auto-refractor followed by manual refraction (dry and wet).

What does the refractive error & corneal refraction in eyes mean?

Ref error. Total rrfractive error of the eye includes corneal refraction (glasses prescription based on corneal shape) and lens refractive error.