How can you reverse the curve of postural kyphosis?

See below... Postural kyphosis means you tend to get a "hunch back" type of curve with standing. It is normal up to 50 degrees in the mid back (thoracic spine). It is abnormal in the cervical and lumbar spine. It can be corrected with postural exercises, muscle training, and occasionally needs surgery if it is excessive or progressing.

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How do you treat postural kyphosis?

See below. It depends how severe the kyphosis is. If it is not too severe, stretching the muscles on the front of the body including the pectoral muscles and the hip flexor muscles can help. Doing posture retraining in a mirror helps. Occasionally using something called a posture training support which is a type of minimal brace can also be helpful. I have seen many people have results if they are vigilant.
Stretching +... 1) walk on your tip toes your hands joint together trying to "reach" the ceiling and you gaze up to the ceiling. 2) put a book on your head and walk with it 3)yoga- yes- all kinds of stretching 4)breathing exercises-slow, deep, alone as a daily routine and of cause as part of yoga and all other exercises above or any others that you like and find helpful.

How can you fight the symptoms of postural kyphosis?

Therapy. Find a good physical therapist- either referred from your family md or by friends who may specialize in spine. They can help you learn over time to try and correct some of your postural kyphosis.

Is there any possibility for a postural kyphosis to be more than 45 degree?

Sure but unlikely. If the spine ie flexible it may correct with posture. Most postural kyphoses are less than 20 degrees but in the immature spine before marked stiffening has occurerd it is possible.

Can an adult, with postural kyphosis, back return to normal shape? Do posture exercises all the time.

Unlikely. Although exercises cannot correct schumann's kyphosis they can help you accommodate for it an appear to have a more natural curvature. Surgery can be done but the risks for such a cosmetic surgery are high so I generally do not recommend unless medical issues are developing such as pulmonary problems.
Most likely no. When it comes to spinal deformities like kyphosis and scoliosis, the spine usually does not return to a "normal" shape with exercise/bracing/chiropractic manipulation. While these treatment methods may help a deformity like kyphosis from getting worse, surgery is typically required in order to correct it.

Is there any possible way to correct/straighten the postural kyphosis by exercises after the age of 20?

Depends on cause. If it is pure postural kyphosis with no wedging of any of the spinal (vertebrae) segments, then core strengthening an postural retraining should correct the problem.

How would I know if I have the postural kyphosis or the scheuermann's disease? If my degree is 55 and I'm 20 which one do I have?

Kyphosis. X-rays would help to determine if there are schmorl's nodes present or other abnormalities such as wedging of vertebrae. A normal x-ray is compelling for postural kyphosis.

My postural kyphosis is around 55-60 degrees. I'm 20. Is it going to get worse as I grow older? Is it bad for my health? Should I get concerned?

That's a lot. The main concern is respiratory as the kyphosis may increase in time. Now u should have pfc's and c if u already have compromise ; how much. U may b worse than u think. C a spine surgeon 4 evaluation, if u start there he/she would most likely get ptc's as part of the work up.

If a person has postural clean kyphosis then what would be hes/shes maximum curvature of postural kyphosis?! 50 or 75 degree? Or less or more?

Varies. Postural kyphosis refers to an increase beyond the normal kyphosis of the spine related to poor posture, rather than a true structural abnormality. The upper limit of normal for thoracic kyphosis is 45 degrees, and so anything above that would be an increased kyphosis. Thank you.